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La Paz County - Points of Interest

La Paz County offers visitors a wide range of Activities, Events and Points of Interest, from the pioneers and settlers who came here to settle in the various communities, to prospectors and ranchers whose descendants still reside in the area, the region has a military history which is some cases was even classified as 'Top Secret' as well as a community that was initially a relocation camp for Japanese and a reservation that was created and now makes up the Colorado River Indian Tribes (C.R.I.T.). Some of the old historic building are on private property or not accessible due to there deteriorated condition but can still be viewed from roads. Some of the places are open to the public or can be only reached by driving or hiking to them. Natural and Scenic Beauty surrounds us here in La Paz County. This page is dedicated to listing some of the Points of Interest in La Paz County.



Sheelite Mine and Stetler Mill Site - Just in back of the Q mountain is the mine that was owned by Jerry & John Stetler, built in 1945. It was a source of Tungsten, which was used in incandescent light bulbs. The mine was closed in 1948, after an accident where a man was killed in a cave and his parents sued for the mine and the house. The Stetlers moved to South America and became successful in mining there.

Halsey Williams Mine Site - This mill was started by Halsey Williams around 1937 and run by Fred Church. In later years, Fred spent around 40 years as the caretaker. Around 1979 part of the equipment was sold.

Harquahala Mine Road - The scenic desert drive south of Salome takes you through the 'Little" Harquahalla mountains and past the old ghost town of Harquahala, which is now under private ownership and closed to the the public. Remnants of old buildings and the mining operatios can be seen from the road (approx. 9 miles south of Salome). The miner's cemetery, which bears some fairly new wooden crosses, is very close to the main road, on the right. most of the area is maintained by BLM, but some private property exists - PLEASE obey the signs.



Swansea miners quartersSwansea - Once a thriving copper mining community, many buildings and remnants still remain. This is now considered one of Arizona's favorite ghost towns, and includes remnants of a blast furnace, smelter, power plant, railroad, company store and workers cottages. Today Swansea is under the protection of the BLM, they have restored roofs to rows of single-miners quarters, established an interpretative trail, and working on restoring more buildings.

Ramsey - As you pass through Brenda, you will see an old ghost town of Ramsey (old buildings on left as you go into town). The Ramsey mine is 10 miles south of Brenda. Lots of great history in this area. The next town you get to is Hope - a town that sprang up after the main highways changed route through Vicksburg to bypass the old town of Johannesburg - Merchants called the new town 'Hope' to reflect their own wishes for renewed business. after going through the intersection look for the sign on the left that says "You are now beyond Hope"


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