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La Paz County - Points of Interest

La Paz County offers visitors a wide range of Activities, Events and Points of Interest, from the pioneers and settlers who came here to settle in the various communities, to prospectors and ranchers whose descendants still reside in the area, the region has a military history which is some cases was even classified as 'Top Secret' as well as a community that was initially a relocation camp for Japanese and a reservation that was created and now makes up the Colorado River Indian Tribes (C.R.I.T.). Some of the old historic building are on private property or not accessible due to there deteriorated condition but can still be viewed from roads. Some of the places are open to the public or can be only reached by driving or hiking to them. Natural and Scenic Beauty surrounds us here in La Paz County. This page is dedicated to listing some of the Points of Interest in La Paz County.


Military Points of Interest

Poston & the Memorial Monument - Poston is a small rural community on the Colorado River Indian Reservation. This area is also famous (or infamous) as the location of the Poston Japanese War Relocation Detention Camps, where the lives of 17,867 men, women and children of Japanese ancestry were changed when they were taken from their homes and relocated. the internment lasted 3.5 years from May 8, 1942 to November 1945. On orders from President Franklin D. Roosevelt, anyone with more than 1/16 Japanes blood were detained, even though they were American citizens, on the grounds they were a threat to National security.

Gunny's MuseumGunny's Military Museum - USMC Ret. "Gunny" Robert St. Germain runs, operates, and is the sole owner of the Museum. But it's more than just a Museum. It is an outreach to the Veterans who pass through Quartzsite Arizona, To Quote Gunny "it is the stories that these vets tell while they share the ever present coffee pot and sit on the patio that make all this worthwhile" Gunny's Military Museum is filled with all kinds of military memorabilia from every branch of the service and lots of other items to see.



Camp Bouse - an area several miles square located 20 miles east of Bouse. The most secretive, heavily guarded military units in the United States Army came to Bouse in March 1943 and left the end of April 1944. Camp Bouse was so extremely top secret, it was not listed with the dozen other training camps and to this day, historian/authors often miss Camp Bouse when writing about the Desert Training Camps (DTC).

During the time it was operational thousands of troops from the 9th Tank Group occupied Camp Bouse. Commanded by Colonel Joseph Gilbreth and composed of the 701st, 736th, 738th, 740th, 748th Tank Battalions (medium special)526th, (medium Special) Amored Infantry Battalion15th Station Hospital (150 bed); 554th Ordinance Heavy Maintenace Company (Tank);166th Quartermaster's Battalion (mobile) Headquarters9th and 10th HeadquartersHeadquarters Detachment; and the 629th Quartermasters Laundry (two sections) and including both American and British troops.

Bouse Monument RowBouse WWII Memorial Park & Monuments - located on the corner of Highway 72 and Main Street as you travel through Bouse. ‘Sandy’ (an M60 Patton Tank with her 105mm main gun) stands there to honor the tank battalions that made up those at Camp Bouse Memorial. ‘Monument Row’ was started by the Bouse Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Bouse Communities VFW Post 2357 and American Legion Post 46 in 1996. Over the years additional monuments have been erected and now numbers 11 seperate ‘Historic Markers’. In each instance, the monuments are dedicated and memorials in remembrance of those who served at Camp Bouse.


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