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The Passport Concept

The Passport to Adventure concept is a project of the La Paz Economic Development Corporation Focused Future II - Regional Tourism and Hospitality Task Team. The Passport is the only phase of APS Focus Future II (of four categories) to be implemented to date.


The “Passport to La Paz” is a pocket-sized, informational and promotional calendar booklet intended to entice locals and winter visitors to attend community events throughout La Paz County.  It is produced by the all-volunteer La Paz Regional Tourism Team, representing ALL of the jurisdictions in La Paz County, uniformly.  Visitors to any area in La Paz County gain information on interests they may have in all areas of the County, not just where they are staying for the season.  We are now in our fifth year of county-wide distribution; and, visitors now look for the familiar Passport Brochure when they arrive each season.

The Passport Book

The “Passport” contains short informational pieces, points-of-interest, and links for La Paz County and its communities and regional facilities: Bouse, CRIT, Cibola/Ehrenberg, McMullen Valley (Brenda, Salome, Vicksburg, Wenden), Parker, Quartzsite, La Paz Regional Hospital, and La Paz County Fair.  In addition, there is a comprehensive listing of community events and things-to-do in each community for each month during the season. Passport Brochure is sent to print by July, with printing completed by August, in order for it to be available for distribution at the Annual Arizona League of Cities Conference.

Support and Distribution

The Passport Program is totally supported by “partnerships” with local government, local businesses, local organizations, and individuals who make annual contributions/grants to support the continuation of the Passport Program.  The Passport is free of conventional advertising to support it, so it can be posted on Federal lands, and not be in conflict with local Chamber of Commerce Visitor Guides which are supported by advertisers.

25,000 Passport-Tourism/Hospitality Brochures are distributed regionally from October through mid-March.  Passports are distributed to Winter Visitor locations including:  Local businesses; RV Parks; BLM long-term visitor areas; Hotels/Motels; Libraries; Town Halls; Restaurants; Recreational Destinations and facilities; and more. 

The Tourism Team also contracts with Certified Folder, a nationwide visitor information distribution company which has brochure racks at diverse tourist locations.  We have an ad in the “Certified Colorado River Brochure,” with over 100,000 distribution throughout Arizona and California at 998 sites; The “Certified Grand Canyon, Route 66 Brochure,” distributed at 1332 sites; and, the distribution of 1800 Passport Brochures to all Welcome Centers in Arizona and the Ontario Mills Regional Center and Barstow, California Welcome Center.

About The La Paz Economic Development Corporation (LPEDC)

The La Paz Economic Development Corporation (EDC) was established in 2010 to develop economic wealth for the well-being of our inhabitants through sustainable improvements in the region's standard of living.

In late 2011, leaders within the La Paz area embarked on a very challenging project to develop a regional economic development plan by partnering with Arizona Public Service Corporation to conduct their Focused Future II Strategic Planning process on a regional basis. Focused Future II offered a forum where regional potential was analyzed, cutting edge economic development initiatives were explored, and the community indicators were identified. The process goal was to bring citizens, landowners, agencies, policy makers, and other stakeholders together to develop the strategic plan.

The general public participated in several events that provided input to the process. One of the many outcomes of this strategic plan process was the creation of broad-based citizen and stakeholder committees called 'Action Teams'. These action teams were responsible for working closely with the La Paz EDC, APS and other partners to further identify and focus on strategic initiatives identified by the strategic process. Based on the analysis of the regional economy and economic opportunities, four priority strategic initiatives were identified, each with a list of strategies and goals.

  1. Growing the Regional Economy through Business Development
  2. Hospitality and Tourism as an Economic Opportunity
  3. Healthcare Expansion
  4. Community Development Promoting Quality of Live and Livability

This website with its listing of events and activities compiled as the La Paz Passport to Adventure is one of the responses from the Hospitality and Tourism Action Team



La Paz County is located in the middle of western Arizona, strategically positioned to serve the western United States. The county encompasses the towns of Parker and Quartzsite and the unincorporated areas of Salome, Wenden, Bouse, Ehrenberg, and Cibola as well as a major portion of the Colorado River Indian Tribes' reservation.

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